Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tips & Tricks - Fusible Web

I had some interesting results with my fusible web experiment. As I mentioned in my previous couple of blogs I was having issues with the "Steam a Seam 2" product and was going to try using Misty Fuse along with freezer paper for the design part. For some reason I was wondering if by chance the Misty Fuse would penetrate the fabric and actually try to adhere to the freezer paper. Well my suspicions turned out to be correct. Below is a picture of the end result of my trying to take the freezer paper off the fabric after I cut out my tree. As you can see some of the fabric is stuck on the branches of the freezer paper.

So what to do now. I had a look at the Misty Fuse package and it mentioned that you can draw your design on the parchment paper. Then when you place Misty Fuse over it and the fabric on top and go to iron the sandwich the Misty Fuse with pick up the image off the parchment. Well it was worth a try. for dark fabrics they recommended a white marker pencil, but I only had a yellow one. Below is the end result and it worked. Now the lines weren't nice and smooth but they were OK to work with for this size of piece. I would want a better quality of line for large pieces. I think I will experiment with different types of markers later when I have some free time to see if there are some that work better than others.

This was very easy to cut out since you just have a layer of fabric with a thin coating of Misty Fuse.

Here is my landscape with the fixed tree in place.


N.W.O.O. said...
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Quilt Pixie said...

glad the parchment paper worked for you... that freezer paper experiement would have been so disappointing I'm not sure I would have pressed onwards myself. :-)