Friday, December 19, 2008

Charms for Charity

Michele Foster who runs the Quilting Bloggers and Quilting Gallery sites is running a contest called Charms for Charity. She and a group of friends are planning on making several quilts for Victorias Quilts Canada a volunteer organization who make quilts and distribute them to people diagnosed with cancer in Canada. Michele and her friends are donating their own fabric to this project but they thought that it would be extra special to have fabric donated from around the world. So here are the the rules for the contest:

Send in six 5-inch charms of 100% cotton fabric. Three of the charms will go directly to making quilts for charity and the other three will go into a pile for a contest. Once Michele has 36 charms in the contest pile, she’ll do a random draw and one lucky sender will win the entire pile of 36.
You’ll have a one in 12 chance to win. She’ll just keep making piles of 36 to randomly draw a winner. So, if 36 of you participate, there will be three winners. For more details and Michele's address here's the link:

I decided to contribute some charms cut from fabric that I got on my trip to Hawaii this past spring. I'm sure that they will brighten up one of their quilts.

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