Monday, December 15, 2008

Cat Quilt for a Friend - Part 4

I got the Curious Kitties Cat quilt finished over the weekend despite my temperamental sewing machine. On Friday when I was quilting the cat silhouettes in the blocks, the tension problem became weirder. The tension started to flip flop between being a problem on the back of the quilt to the front of the quilt all within the same cat silhouette. I tried various adjustments of the tension, re-wound bobbins at different speeds, and nothing made a difference. So I persevered and got the quilt done since it had to be finished by the weekend so that I could get it in the mail for it to arrive in time for Christmas. Definitely frustrating but my friend isn't a quilter or a sewer so fortunately she won't understand these technical issues.

I got the machine quilting finished Friday evening so I took my machine to the shop on Saturday for a tuneup &/or repair. I should hear back by Tuesday whether it is a simple tuneup or something more major. I got the hand work done over the rest of the weekend and the quilt has been wrapped up and will be mailed off today after work. Below are some pictures of the finished quilt.

Here is the full quilt.

Cat silhouette facing right.

Cat silhouette facing left.

Sample of the border quilting.


Quilt Pixie said...

it turned out well. I can understand how frustrating your tension problems must seem to you (really and truly I get it), but you're right, your friend wont see them, and isn't it wonderful that the quilt police don't inspect every gift or project we do! It will be well loved I'm sure.

Angelcat said...

You did such a great job in getting it finished inspite of all the problems that your machine put in your way! I'm sure it will be a much treasured gift

sammy_bunny said...

That quilt is very cute!