Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Celebration of Quilts XI: Silent Auction - Part 3

I finished the quilting on the 2nd small quilt I plan to submit to the silent auction that will be held at our guild's quilt show this fall.  Again I kept it simple, just followed the outline of the leaves.  The next step will be the beading. 

I already had a nice pale celery green and a deep maroon but wanted to get a fuchsia pink for this quilt.  I went to Michael's and all they had was light pink but the gal told me about a place called Bead FX which wasn't that far from where I live and all they sell are beads.  I went today and oh boy you could go nuts in there.  I found my fuchsia beads and some nice blue and green ones that I may also use in this piece.  These beads were sold by what they call a hank and there are 12 strands in each bundle and the price ran between $4.50 - $4.65 per bunch. 

In addition I also bought these 3 bundles, couldn't resist and I haven't got a clue as to what I will do with them, but had to have them.  If you are interested here is their web site and they do ship to the states as well as Canada for only $5.95 ($20.00 for international). http://www.beadfx.com/catalogue/index.html


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Thats a great price for all those beads. We have a similar store in Edmonton called Beadworks but I'm pretty sure they charge double that. BUT, there is this store called Bedrock Supply and you can check out their site and they ship out orders. Their hanks are $4.10CAD. It is an amazing store with every finding, bead and so much more. Here is the site: http://bedrocksupply.com/
You have to phone in your order, but its all online for you to check out. Have fun =)

hetty said...

Those beads are terrific! Can't wait to see how you use them. You see, I am curious because I would like to put some beads into my quilts, but have no idea where to start.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow what a deal you got! Locally in FL it would surely be much more for all those beads. Your quilting as always is gorgeous and the beads match perfectly.