Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jade's B-Day Quilt - Part 3

I've made great progress on Jade's quilt and the top is now finished.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out and here is what it looks like.  I was also very lucky in that I had just enough of the the fusions fabric for the sashing and border.  I have a bunch of left over blocks that I will try to incorporate into the back of which the primary fabric is a nice batik that has many of the colours that are on the front.  This one I plan on keeping the quilting simple and just doing simple wavy lines going across the quilt but I plan on using multiple colours including a lime green, a forest green, turquoise and blue to give it some interest.

So you may wonder how I got everything done so quickly given that I was missing in action and so busy at work.  Well this past Tuesday I was let go from my job.  Yes it's a little scary being unemployed but the job that I was at was so incredibly stressful that it was affecting my health and life balance.  No one should have to work under those kinds of conditions but unfortunately may people do.  I'm looking forward to a little time to unwind, get some rest and do some quilting.  Then it's back to job hunting and given that the economy has picked up a bit I'm hoping that I won't be out of a job for too long.


Sand and Sunshine said...

I love the sound of the different threads coming together into wavy quilting, it's looking great!

Take care and best of luck.

hetty said...

This is beautiful! Sorry to hear about your job. But now you have some time to be creative. You need balance in your life and this change can give you that. And... you will be able to come over to my place for a visit... maybe?

Librarynan said...

Jade's quilt is beautiful... but all of your work is beautiful, Vicki!

Change is good, if not always easy. If we don't change, we become stagnant (and that is for mucky ponds where nothing happens!)

Cheers to you.

Angela said...

It's lovely, the colours are so calming.