Monday, June 20, 2011

Jade's B-Day Quilt - part 4

I got the back finished for this quilt.  I used up the 6 blocks that ended up being the wrong size due to the not greatest of instructions in the book.  The sashing on these is a batik that I had with similar colours and tones as the fusions fabric I used for the sashing and borders on the front which I only had enough to do the front.  I also had the main batik that I'm using on the back in my stash from a few years ago. 

Tonight is our small quilt group meeting and it is at my place so I'm going to get the gals to help me with the quilt sandwich  on this quilt. I find that one of the hardest parts of quilting.  So I figured with 7 pairs of hands helping it should go fairly quickly and without much problems.


Needled Mom said...

Pretty!!! Lots of hands make for quick work.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Looks great, love that you were able to use those odd blocks. It should be wonderful having all those hands to help you baste. Have a wonderful time.