Monday, July 11, 2011

Jade's B-Day Quilt - Part 5

The quilting is finally done on this quilt. It has taken a bit longer than I had anticipated but that is because I had some extra help in the process. There is just something about the quilting process the Jordie just feels the need to help. I kept it simple in that all I did was wavy lines going across the quilt but even that proved to be a challenge.  The struggle that I had with this was trying to keep my stitches the same size throughout the quilt which proved to be impossible.  Still I like the way it turned out and hopefully no one will look that closely.

Here is the quilt all trimmed, sorry for the rather poor photo but it's very hot and muggy here today so the blinds are drawn to try and keep as much heat out as possible.

I've decided to go with this batik for the binding, it was used on some of the blocks and it's a good fit in that it has both the blues and greens that are in the quilt.


the dutch purple rabbit said...

yes cats like to help with quilting and the cats in my house like to take care and watch my knitting work
(sleep on it , still on needles).

you're quilt looks so nice . i like the colours

Needled Mom said...

It looks gorgeous!!! Wonderful colors.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Great Binding Choice, must have had something to do with your handsome helper.

hetty said...

What a wonderful helper you have! I doubt if I could ever do a quilt on my own. Just when I need help, they are there!
I love the way you quilted that. It turned out fantastic!