Thursday, August 13, 2009

100th Post Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed. I will post the winners a bit later this evening.

I made it to my 100th post and to celebrate I'm having a giveaway. Anyone can enter since I will ship to international locations. If you don't have a blog I will need an e-mail address to contact you if you happen to win. If you have a blog, please make sure your e-mail is enabled so that I can contact you if you win.

First what are the rules. As you will see the giveaways I think are pretty good, so I will not accept just a "count me in" for this one. What I would like from everyone is an answer to one of the following 3 questions:

a) What blog has inspired you to do something that you might not have done and what was it? Please include a link to the blog.

b) What blog has been of value in terms of teaching you some new techniques that you have never done before? Please include a link to the blog.

c) What have you learned from keeping your own blog and has it changed the way you approach your craft?

So what am I giving away. For the first prize I have the book "Simple Start Stunning Finish" and a bunch of fat quarters.

I will also have a 2nd draw for a set of black and white fat quarters and a yard each of Amy Butler fabric. I was originally planning on making some bags with it (it's a bit heavier weight cotton) but I'm not into that at the moment so it's part of the giveaway.

For these 2 sets I will do the random number thing.

In addition I have a couple more sets of fat quarters to give away. Those will be at my discretion for either the story that I think is the funniest, the most touching, the most interesting, what ever comes up over the next week. Hey I want to have some fun as well.

Also if you want a second chance at the random draws make a post about my giveaway on your blog and come back here and tell me that you've posted on your blog and I will give you a second chance on them.

The giveaway will close next week Thursday August 20th at 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time and I will make the draws later that evening. Good luck to all. I will try reply to everyone in a timely manner but depending on when people sign up there may be a delay since I do have a day job.


Quilt Pixie said...

wow, you're giving away some great stuff Vicki. Hope you get lots of good entries, with some interesting links :-)

One of the things I've learned by keeping a blog is that my stumbling blocks, in terms of finishing might be mine, but they are not unique. We all have them. By keeping a blog I've found myself more accountable, and hence less likely to stay stuck at one of my blocks (like putting on borders, or sandwiching) than I was in the past. I managed to conquer my UFO pile several years back becuase of the accountability, and, while I allow some projects to pile up a little, I generally start each year with a clean slate, and sometimes even get there mid-year too!

The friends I've made, the conversations I've had, the queries and encouragment I give and receive -- it all adds up to a virtual quilt guild for me, without a set committment to be a set place at a set time. I wasn't expecting that when I started blogging (I'm rather reclusive by nature and wasn't necessarily looking for friends), but its been a wonderful thing. :-)

quiltmom said...

Well Vicki,
It is a wonderful giveaway that you are having and such interesting questions that you have posed So here goes:
1) On my blog the blog list continues to grow because when I go to visit other's blogs they introduce me to more blogs that I find interesting,motivating, moving powerful etc
However one blog I go to regularly, is Kim of . Kim is funny and,right now, she has issued an August challenge.I have joined this challenge and have found it inspiring and motivating to finish up some projects. Should you have lots of time (like many hours or days !!!) do stop and read all of the links on my blog and you will find yourself laughing,or crying,with some wonderful people who share their stories and passion for quilting and life.

One of the things that I love about the internet is that you can find out all sorts of information -
two blogs that I have really enjoyed are Wanda at who writes daily and shares her passion for color and design. I love her quilts and her willingness to share her process.
The other lady is Bonnie Hunter of
Bonnie creates wonderful scrap quilts and has a large list of free patterns on her blog. She is busy writing her second book and teaching quilting- Her passion for quilting comes through in all she does, and I appreciate her generosity.
In regards to your last question- Blogging terrified me - I thought I haven't enough technical knowledge and I sure didn't think anyone would be interested in what I might have to say- I sort of fell into it- A few things happened- first I met,in person, a friend through blogging ( Pam of Next, I kept being asked where my blog was every time I left a comment on other's blogs, and still I resisted. I really was happy enough being Anna No Blog. Then, my husband started a hockey blog- he said if he could do it so could I!! He is my resident consultant when I get stuck technologically - though sometimes it is like the blind leading the blind( me being blinder than he) and when we get really stuck our techie son tries to bail us both out (with us answering the standard question of how did you manage to end up where ever it is that we didn't want to be- like if we knew we would actually choose to have that particular computer issue-NOT!
Having said that, I have found blogging inspiring- Quilters are the most generous caring group of people I know. I enjoy visiting with people all over the globe. I get to learn their stories and share our passion for quilting. When I was a teenager, I wrote letters to penpals all over the world. Blogging is similar except you don't have to wait for weeks to continue the conversation.
I will post a new post on the weekend and will link your blog to mine- One of the things I have consistently done is write once a week or so- It will be awhile yet before I get to 100 posts but what a ride it has been- I hope it has been the same for you.
Hope you have lots of fun with your spectacular giveaway.
Warmest regards,
PS. You weren't looking for a short answer from me were you?? :O)

hetty said...

Those are all terrific prizes, but I see I will have to work for them! Ahhh. A blog that has inspired me... I would have to say Wanda's blog, Exuberant Colour. She posts something everyday. I am always inspired by what she is working on. Then on a more personal level I will have to say KarenDianne's blog, "Living Life at Leehaven". She always inspires me to keep going physically, no matter what happens.
I have learned a lot from the Friday Block Party that Donna is hosting this year. I know I would not have made most of those blocks if I was on my own.
I love quilting and I love blogging. I have many more favourite sites and visit them whenever the mood hits me. There is always something interesting going on.

Elizabeth said...

This one was hard so I had to go away and think about it for a while before posting!

a) inspired me to not only participate in a Row Robin, but to host one as well. I wouldn't have dared try the challenge without all of her wonderful photos and information on row robins.

b) This one by far is Gwen over at When I found this blog I was looking to stay motivated in making my first quilt. What I found was an amazing teacher and friend. She even took me down the path of knitting.

c) I've learned to look at life not just as a whole, but also as all the bits and peices, sure it might have "felt" like a bad day but look at all the good there was too. For me my blog is like having someone sitting on my shoulder reminding me of my sewing machine and all the quilty things I could be doing.

Oh how funny! I see now I only had to pick one question. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Elizabeth said...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog you can find it at

Joyce said...

The blog that influenced me the most is Tonya's at Lazy Gal Quilting ah She was the first non-family to comment on my blog and I learned how to do wonky letters from her.
I have made lots of friends through my blog and have met some of them. The farthest away that I met in person is Darcie from Quilting by Darcie at She came all the way from North Dakota to visit after I met her at a quilt show.
Blogging has caused me to be much more adventurous in my quilting and I have found lots of like-minded quilters who act as the support group I could never get locally.

stitchinpenny said...

I have learned from my blog that I don't spend as much time crafting as I would like and that I have a lot to be thankful for. My blog is designed to remind me that in spite of some vicious if not critical health issues that I have a very good life, the showing of quilts is just icing on the cake. My quilts are not great they are just for my enjoyment and I steal ideas from all the real quilters out there. Park city girl's quilt show last year gave me ideas for quilts for my grandaughter and soon to be granddaughter's quilts and for the coin quilts I've done so they showed up in my blog, which I never would have done without a gentle nudge.

Barb said...

I think what I have learned from blogging is that there are people out there just like me, who enjoy quilting and enjoy meeting new people (over emails and hopefully one day in person). I have enjoyed that companionship being here in American Samoa. I have also found that I finish more projects when I blog about them or what I am going to do. I also think that the sweet comments spurrs me on and I hope my comments help others as well. Then there are those that say what I need, help me fix something or just know where to get a pattern, or are going through what I am going is amazing, that world out there in blogland....totally amazing people.

Barb said...

I have posted about your blog with the link back to you

quiltmom said...

Hi Vicki,
I have posted a link on my blog to let others know about your giveaway- I hope that others will be a better reader than I and answer only one of your questions- I am not good at just answering only one question and got a bit long winded LOL..
Thanks again for hosting such a nice giveaway..
Warmest regards,

DianeH said...

Hi Vicki, lovely giveaway. Anne Sutton's blog Bunny Tales has inspired me to do my first BOM A Tisket A Tasket and for the first time I doing redwork. Her personality, her blogging style and the beauty of her quilts, studio and photo's have inspired me to try and create a quilt I can be proud of.

SewCalGal said...

T00 many blogs have inspired me, that I can't think of the best to post. But I want to say your give away, which focuses on the identification of inspriational blogs, is a great idea. Your give-away is also a great idea, even if I don't qualify.

Congratuations on your 100th post. And I want to share, you have inspired me in your blog. I do love cats/felines and Fibre arts. Thanks for all the great insights you have shared. And I hope you'll continue to post more. I certainly enjoy reading your posts.


Jean said...

I started blogging because I thought it would be like a journal of sorts where I could write about what I am working on, teaching classes on and thinking about. I don't always post every day, as I don't feel I am that I do try to post as often as possible. What I didn't count on was that I would meet such nice people. That has enriched my life and I just wish I had time to visit more blogs. Every one I find offers interesting ideas, tutorials, and just FUN! Congrats on your 100th post and thanks for a chance to win!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Vickie. Having my own blog after months of reading others has inspired me to finish things off before starting something else it has given me great friends companionship and it certainly has improved my computer skills. I have met other bloggers which share my same interests. The world is such a busy place at times and reading what others are doing reading sewing cooking makes my day. Happy days.

Carol E. said...

I am the second person (so far) to name Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting - - as my blogger inspiration. She gave me the courage to think outside the box and break the rules. I had been wanting to do my own thing, but didn't know how to start. She inspired me to quilt with more freedom and love! Zillions of other bloggers have inspired me, too, but Tonya was the first one who got me started doing hands-on practice of new techniques. It has been a love fest ever since! :-)

Fiesta said...

congrats on your 100th post. I cannot put one blog down because they all inspire me. Every blog has something to share that benefits me so they are all inspiring.

Nanci said...

A great idea! I didn't even know how to quilt, when I stumbled on "Crazy Mom quilts" as I was looking for a knitting pattern and there was this "blog" I started quilting the next day!
I still follow her blog and have since started my own. I just love quilting and do most of my own stuff, not copying patterns.
I noted here, reading the comments that a lot of us visit the same people and for me some have become "friend".
I have on my blog people that I consider so close that I have coffee with them most days!
Crispy and Karen are hand quilters and we have been reading each other for ages. I also love visiting Sunshine as she has great taste because she tries my recipes.
There are many others but mostly it's just being really interested in what these people do.
I visit people in Australia, in Us, Samoa and learn from Canadian bloggers that we are all just loving to quilt.

Kelly Jackson said...

To win that book and first set of fabrics I'd post nude photos of myself on my blog...nude while quilting...

I love those fabrics....I love fish and those look yummy.

This is the link to the blog that inspired me to do something I would not have done:

I was interested in the quilt as you go no binding circles that Lacey has designed. I like the circle quilt I made a few years ago and this seems like a fun way to make a table runner that I need for fall.

I've learned so much from blogging it is incredible. I'd take up too many pages if I went into it....I'm never short for words. Lets just say it has opened my world and my heart.

FYI...I never said full frontal nudity while quilting...just nude quilting. Everyone can stop cringing now...LOL


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The blog that has inspired me to do something I might not have done is The Old Red Barn
I joined in on the quilt along and it was a blast and I have a great quilt too!!

Gene Black said...

A blog that has inspired me to do something I would NEVER have done is

Linda decided to have a swap and told me that I had to do it. I have never EVER done a block swap, but I am doing this one. All my insecurities are showing, I can tell you. I have them all done and am seriously considering starting over.

Thankfully, Pat at has encouraged me and also told me that they do NOT have to be perfect. Whew!

I still may do them over again......

Kim D. said...

Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaways. What a great book and lovely fabric too.

a.) The blog that most inspires me is my friend Chrisy is a hand quilter and it's just inspiring looking at all the projects she makes all by hand. She's also a pro user of EQ and designs the most difficult blocks. Although I have a Mac I want to get the similar Mac program and design my own blocks and quilts.

b.) The blog that has been of value is Allie is a crazy quilter and her blog contains all the detail of her beautifully hand stitched pieces of art. I have learned a lot about stitchery from her awe inspiring blog.

c.) Keeping a blog has helped to encourage me to finish my projects and work on my endless supply of UFO's. Then share them with the friends I've made in blogland, they always encourage me and keep me going.

Carol E. said...

I posted about you on my blog! I even forgot I'd get another chance for doing that... I just wanted to encourage people to come read these cool comments. But, hey, another chance at winning won't be turned down. Thanks!

arlette said...

Hello!, I'll write a short story for you, lol. I don't know where to start, but I have to say that I love to quilt, I'll tell you I didn't even know a while ago how the sewing machine worked and just knew how to put the thread on the needle. I have to say I learned how to sew thanks to the quilting, it's really hard for me but it's worth it, because my love for it increases each day. I got a surgery on my eye, got a new cornea, sometimes I just need to take it easy and slow down, but I can't, I know I'm addicted, lol. Well I'll answer your questions:
1- What blog has inspired you to do something that you might not have done and what was it? I love to surf across blogs and I found about trapunto and it caught my attention, I'm sure I'll get some headaches when I'm ready to make them, lol, it looks really beautiful.
What blog has been of value in terms of teaching you some new techniques that you have never done before?
Well I was love at first sight with Andrea's blog, she's really nice, likes to try new things and she's pregnant too!.
What have you learned from keeping your own blog and has it changed the way you approach your craft?
What I learned, hmmm hard question, well I'm meeting wonderful people across the world, they love the same things I do. I'm ready to take the challenge and put an online store soon, also I'm working on my UFO's, I don't have too many, just a few, lol. It's helping me to be organized.
Thank you for the oportunity and let us to tell stories about our love quilting!

arlette said...

Vicki this is what I blogged about you: Vicki/ is going to have a singular giveaway, would you like to find it out?, visit her blog!. You can check it by yourself. I see I wrote the longest lol, thank you for the giveaway!,

Dolores said...

Ok here goes:
a)Inspiration to do something I have never done before came from a blog I can’t remember right now. It was a biscornu and that led me to a search for patterns and instructions. So the instructions were found here and there are links to patterns on the site too.
b)New techniques. I have always loved dolls and stuffed animals Рmaking them but never playing with them. Ann Wood makes the most amazing owls and combines vintage fabrics with paper mach̩ feet. Simply gorgeous. Mimi Kirchner makes dolls from wool and felt. They are unique.
There are too many quilt bloggers out there to mention all the different techniques I have been introduced to.
c)What have I learned from blogging? There is a wealth of talent and creativity out there. It’s like a never-ending tutorial. Not just eye candy but mind candy. Not just in your own little part of the world but the whole world over.
Has keeping a blog changed the way I approach my craft? I am more productive. I am eager to try something new without having someone there showing me – figuring it out for myself.
BTW, if my chances are good and I do end up being a lucky winner please give the book to someone else. I have it already.

rockgranny said...

Dear Vicki,
Since my early teenage years I had a really big, big wish to make quilts but didn't know how because in my part of the world (Croatia, Europe)NOBODY, yes nobody knew.But, than came Internet and lot of wonderful blogs and free tutorials from girls all around the world.So I finally learned how to make pachwork, and now I'm learning how to quilt it.Do I have to say how I enjoy in .I still have some little problems ; my sewing machine doesn' t have 1/4 inch foot (impossible to buy here )
also for a months I try to get real quilting machine (hard, but I have some promises for one).But as I said, this are just little problems, because I 'm able to do my quilts now. That's why I can't choose any specific blog , all you girls helped so much.Thanks to all of you in the wonderful blog world.

rosa said...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog you can find it at