Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Project - Part 6

Here is the finished quilt top. It's photographed a bit wonky because it's so big and I don't have a big enough space to hang it properly, but that kind of goes with the theme of the wonky star block. I'm going to call this quilt "Cats In My Garden". I now just have to make the binding, put a back together and make up a label. I should be able to ship all of this out sometime this weekend. It's been a really fun project to work on.


hetty said...

It looks great! And I love the title, 'Cats in my Garden'!

Kelly said...

It's gorgeous Vicki! Whoever receives it will love it to bits I'm sure. What is the yellow around the edge of the quilt top - did you put a temp binding on it to stop it from fraying? The cat blocks were inspired and have given way to a fabulous title. It could also be called 'Cats on my fabric!'. Mine always manage to lie on my fabric whenever I have it lying on the ironing board or my sewing table - even when I'm trying to sew it! LOL. I'm hoping to get my quilt top finished this weekend. Hugs, Kelly :-)