Friday, February 20, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Project - Part 4

I got another 12 blocks done this week so it looks like I'm in good shape for getting this quilt top put together and shipped out by the end of the month. I really have enjoyed making these blocks and working with such wonderful flower patterns and colours of fabric. It actually feels a bit like spring even though we've been getting more snow here.

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Kelly said...

GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the hibiscus blocks.

How are you churning these out sooooo fast - you're a machine!

I've completed eight and am about to press the points for another eight or so, and then join those blocks up. Mine is a quilt for a little girl - how many blocks do you think I need in total? I was thinking either 5 by 5 for a square quilt, or 5 by 6 to make it a bit longer?

Kelly :-)