Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Project - Part 5

Here are my last 6 blocks for the quilt top. I actually didn't have enough different flower fabrics to make all of the blocks with different fabrics. I really didn't want to duplicate any of the existing fabrics and was wondering what else I could use.

The a thought came to mind. My two cats Fergie and Jordie have been right there helping with this quilt, just like they do with all of my quilts, so I went to see if I had any interesting cat prints that I could use. I found the prefect fabric, did some fussy cutting to get some good arrangements of cats and then used the green batik fabric that I'm going to use for the border for this quilt for the star points. The name for the quilt is going to be "Cats In My Garden". Hopefully the person who will get this quilt likes cats.


Kelly said...

Fabulous! What a stroke of genius to include the cat prints, especially as the cats put the love into the quilt - LOL!

I'm off to do some more blocks now. Will post a picture of my completed blocks this arvo.

Hugs to Fergie & Jordie.

Chain Links For Blogs said...
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Librarynan said...

Wow, Vicki...
That is really nice that you were able to do an entire Bushfire quilt. I'm impressed, and Tia will be happy to get it as well.
Hugs to F & J (from Lucci, probably... he likes friends!)