Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Batik Gems - Part 4

I started piecing the columns together this evening and I was still having some troubles with the batik fabrics wanting to go down into the bobbin area.  I'm using a brand new Schmetz Microtex needle which are the extra sharp ones they recommend for batik fabrics because of their denser weave. 

Wanda of Exuberant Color http://exuberantcolor.blogspot.com/ made a comment on part 2 of this series that she thought I could make a single hole opening with tape and a piece of cardstock. Punch a hole with a 1/8" punch and tape it in place between the feed dogs.

Well I found some heavy plastic that is used to make templates and I cut a small square from that.  I didn't have a hole punch, but I used the pointy end of my seam ripper and placed a hole in the middle of the square.  I then trimmed it down to size to fit over the area of the opening and yet allow the feed dogs free movement.  I used some UHU Tac - removable adhesive putty to keep the plastic square in place and then tried out the new invention.

Here is the results.  Even the little squares sewed up very nicely and no pull what so ever.  So for the time being I will go with the make shift solution but I think a single hole opening throat plate will be on the wish list for future upgrades.  Thanks Wanda for your great suggestion.


Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad that worked for you. The single hole plates are kind of expensive but in the long run you might want to have one. Just be sure to mark it clearly with marker or nail polish or something so you don't forget and change to a stitch with width while it is on. I have a couple needle dents on mine where I forgot.

Needled Mom said...

It makes for a great makeshift design. I know that you would get a lot of use out of the single hole throat plate when you do get one. Like Wanda said, be sure to make a note that you have that plate on the machine. I tape a piece of paper over the place where I change stitches when I put it on. That reminds me not to try a zig zag stitch. Another thought is to use leaders and enders. That is a big help too.

hetty said...

Great idea. I would never have thought of that.

Elizabeth said...

Neat trick, I'd heard of simply using tape before but that seemed like it would only make a gummy mess, this way is much better.