Monday, July 19, 2010

Batik Gems - Part 1

Well I now have a second project to start that is also kind of scheduled for completion in September.  This one is also for a 75th birthday.  My mom is in a nursing home with dementia and initially was having a hard time because she would misplace her things and then would assume that people were stealing her things.  Fortunately she made friends with one of the residents, Jean who doesn't have dementia and has been able to help mom find her misplaced belongings.  They have become really good friends and it has helped mom adjust to life in the nursing home as well as get her involved with various activities so she isn't just sitting in her room staring at the TV all day. 

I found out that Jean will be turning 75 in September and her favourite colour is orange.  So I decided that I would also make her a quilt based on one of the patterns from the book Batik Gems by Laurie Shifrin.  The pattern is called Vertical Vision and in her book she did it up in various tones of purple.

So here are my choices for this quilt.  The orange fabric with the flowers will be the border fabric.  The selection of blues to greens will be the small accent blocks along the border as well as the small accent strips throughout the main body of the quilt.

Then here are the various orange fabrics that I found to go with the border fabric.  Many are batiks, but a few are not.

So I guess I'm going to be busy for the next couple of months making 2 quilts for 2 - 75th birthdays in September.


hetty said...

You'll be busy alright! Love those orange fabrics! Orange is not one of my favourite colours, but in this case they're perfect!

Marj said...

Your fabric choices are beautiful, can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. Happy quilting!

Elizabeth said...

These are really beautiful fabrics, the orange fabrics have such fire and depth to them and I love the way the border is done on the quilt with the little peek-boo square blocks of color that fade in and out.

Maybe it needs a name like "Mediterranean Sunrise" for the beautiful water like teals and the blaze of the orange? This one is going to be a beauty!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

as a dutch girl i love the orange.
it really looks very jummie already.