Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cats and Dogs - Part 11

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted but that has been because work was extremely busy. The reason why work was so busy was that 2 weeks ago I put in my resignation at where I was because I had accepted a job with another company. This came about rather suddenly having been approached to join this other company where I will be working with some former colleagues that I have worked with in previous places. It really was time to for me to go elsewhere and have a few more challenges but with the economy the way it has been I wasn't certain about what was out there. Then Ann called out of the blue and said that they had an new position opening up and was I interested. It was a good fit and I'm looking forward to my start on Monday. So the last 2 weeks at the old job were very busy wrapping things up, writing up documentation and training. I had been with that company for 4 years and I really wasn't expecting much upon leaving but they did surprise me with this lovely bouquet of flowers.

I'm finally finished the quilting portion of the cats and dogs quilt. In the border I did a series of dogs going around the perimeter. If you click on the picture below you should be able to see the details better than in the small version.

Then in the cats and dogs blocks I did this stylized butterfly wing design in a cream coloured thread since given I had all different colours of cats and dogs but for the most part the backgrounds were of a cream tone it made the most sense to go with cream thread.

Then in the Bichon blocks I outlined the Bichon in a teal thread and did a different version of the butterfly wing design in the top right hand corner and bottom left hand corner since these areas had the most open teal fabric. In the other two corners the design would have interfered with the Bichons and I didn't want it to compete.

So now I just have to make up the binding and get it sewn on and the quilt is finished in plenty of time for the Tuesday April 20th meeting of the York Heritage Quilters Guild where our quilt group with be quilter of the month and we have to have our quilts ready to show.


LongIslandSue said...

I still love the bichon. It's just the cutest! It was your experience with paper piecing this bichon that got me interested in trying paper piecing ... I'd never seen anything contemporary before. Your quilt is gorgeous. (Flowers are nice too!)

Elizabeth said...

Wow your quilting is done so well it nearly looks like hand quilting. The spacing is just perfect. I love the rotatation and change on the Bichon blocks as well, it was just the right touch there.

Those flowers are so pretty and fresh, such a cheery marker for a fond farewell. Congrats on the new job change. :)

hetty said...

Congratulations on your new job. The flowers from your old place are lovely. And I really like that quilt that is hanging behind them. The quilting on your dogs and cats looks great!