Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bird of Paradise Convergence Quilt - Part 1

I've made my decision for my next quilting project. Two years ago this spring I was in Hawaii and I got some wonderful fabrics. Last year I used some of the fabrics in a wonky star quilt for the Bushfire project in Australia for the relief efforts for those affected by the bush fires.

I also had plans to make a wall hanging for myself and have yet to do ever do it. So I'm taking the advise of a dear quilting friend Donna (aka Quilt Pixie) who said that this year I really should make something for myself and not keep pushing this project to the back burner. So I have pulled out my fabrics for my Bird of Paradise Convergence Quilt. I'm leaning on going with the brighter orange fabric but I may end up cutting both orange fabrics and testing both in the design to see which one really is the best.

In addition I have this lovely Bird of Paradise fabric that I will likely use for the back. I'm also planning on doing some applique work on the front with the Bird of Paradise as the main theme so I may actually use some of this fabric for that purpose if my other applique design of a Bird of Paradise doesn't quite do it for the front.

I likely won't actually get started on cutting fabric until the weekend, but will do the prep work (ironing and starching) before.

Another long time friend and recent quilter Sue from Long Island and I have decided to attend the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar being held in Hyannis, MA at the beginning of Sept. The seminar also includes Alex Anderson from HGTV's Simply Quilts and Libby Lehman a well known machine quilter and author of Threadplay. http://www.rickytims.com/seminars/

I did a blog search to see what other people had to say about these seminars especially after my disasters last fall and it sounds like these were a good hit. I didn't find any negative comments and I think it will be a nice change just to be able to go and listen to 3 experts and not have to buy a ton of fabric, then drag a sewing machine and a ton of supplies. It will be a refreshing change from the regular quilting seminars/conferences and fun to get together with a friend that I haven't seen in awhile.


quiltmom said...

I am currently working on a new convergence quilt- you can see it on my current post
I really enjoy Ricky Tims designs and have made a few of his patterns- the kaleidoscope, convergence and his chantelle flower quilts. I have enlarged his convergence pattern to make a big lap quilt( it is almost a twin sized quilt. They work out very well.
Good luck with your pattern- your fabrics are terrific.

Elizabeth said...

I've love those fabrics detailed with gold ever since Jessica's Tinkerbell costume. It's going to be pretty!

hetty said...

Great idea - making something for yourself! I love the brighter orange.

LongIslandSue said...

This is going to be beautiful. I'm so glad you're making something for yourself (for a change!). Love the tropical colors.

Kristy Gunn Weager said...

I know this might be an old posting but do you happen to sell or know where I could buy the fabric / print for the Birds of Paradise flower image on the bottom of the post? (the one with the black leaves in the background) It's absolutely beautiful and I'd love to be able to source it if possible? Many Thanks. Kristy