Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art and Cold Cash - Part 2

Bernice and I got the borders on the black version of Art and Cold Cash piece done and the quilt sandwich put together. The small red inner border really makes the top come to life.

For the red and white version we didn't put any borders on it for the time being and only did up the quilt sandwich with the image portion. The reason behind this is that the borders are going to be a cream coloured raw silk which has a tendency to fray. So between all the handling that the main body of the quilt is going to get with all the quilting and embellishment we decided that this one will be done in the "quilt as you go" format. Once the quilting and embellishment is done, we will make up the border pieces attach them and finish up with additional design work on them. By doing it this way we won't have to worry so much about being extremely careful in how we handle the first phase of the quilting and embellishment of this quilt.

So we now have to meet with Jack to go over the plans for what will get quilted and what will be embellished and how. Hopefully this meeting will happen within the next week so that we can start making progress on this project.

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Elizabeth said...

you're right about the red border on this one. Great idea about adding the silk border later, I'll have to keep that in mind, who knows when I might need to know that.