Saturday, July 18, 2009

Square in a Square Technique

This past Thursday I sat in on a demo of the "Square in a Square" technique that was developed by Jodi Barrows ( ). The demo was done by Gail St. Louis at the Sewing Machine Factory Outlet ( ). It was a very interesting demo showing the technique and ruler that Jodi developed. It begins with a square piece of fabric, or other shape, to which strips of fabric are attached and then cut with a rotary cutter in a unique way using her ruler. Below is an example of one of the blocks that Gail's showed (sorry that the pictures are on a funny angle but I was sitting at the end of the row).

This was an example of how the blocks got pieced together.

This is what the block looks like ironed out but before it gets cut.

This is the block after it is cut and you have yourself a square in a square without ever having to cut triangles. Gail showed this method for half square triangles, flying geese and several other blocks that normally require triangles and bias edges. Well this certainly sounds like it would make life easier, especially with blocks like the one below. So I ordered the ruler and a couple of books to give this method a try. I'll let you know what I think of it later on.

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hetty said...

Oh, yes! Please let us know! I love new techniques that make quilting easier! Thanks.