Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Woodland Symphony II - Part 4

Just a quick update. I got all the stitch in the ditch sewing completed over the weekend on the Woodland Symphony II quilt, but didn't get any time to tackle any of the leaf motif quilting that I plan to do inside each of the blocks. I also have a leaf border to quilt, so it looks like this coming weekend will be busy. Fortunately it's a long weekend with Monday being a holiday so I should be able to make some good progress and have some photos of the quilting to share. Enjoy your week.

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Quilt Pixie said...

hmmm mayhave to try your system -- I tend to do the stipping or other free motion quilting first then the "in the ditch" if I have to -- I so try to avoid "having to" as I find it rather tedious to do generally... Maybe if I did up front I'd find it better as they're be an "all over" holding the layers together well before free motioning.... hmmmm