Friday, November 21, 2008

Oriental Mosaic Part 7

I have finished the border quilting on the Oriental Mosaic quilt. It took longer than anticipated since I came down with a cold bug and wasn't very motivated to do much. But last night decided to finished off the last bits and I'm pleased with the results. I still have to take all the threads on the back and thread them into the back and trim them so that the quilting doesn't unravel.

Below is a picture of part of the border quilting but it's a bit hard to see it since it's red thread on red and black fabric (click on the picture for a larger version). I also took a picture of the back where the border is black so there you can really see what it looks like.

Here is a picture of the finished quilt.


Quilt Pixie said...

its stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

Angelcat said...

It's beautiful, Vicki. Your quilting pattern is just perfect for the theme. Hope you feel better soon!