Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oriental Mosaic

I'm now busy working on my Christmas presents which will need to be finished by the first week of December so given that October is almost done I really don't have much time left. I have my cat quilt ready to do the quilting on.

I have just finished piecing together what I have called "Oriental Mosaic" and will be making up the quilt sandwich tonight and it will be ready for quilting as well. It was very interesting working with the red, black and white palette and I really think this turned out quite stunning. I also found a 1 yard piece of red dragon batik fabric that I used for the back. I didn't want to cut up the dragons since they were actually fairly large and I thought they would may a nice back for this quilt. The back looks a little wonky in the photo but that was because I didn't have it hanging just quite right.

Front of Oriental Mosaic

Back of Oriental Mosaic

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Angelcat said...

Wow, this really does look effective. I can see why you didn't want to cut into those dragons!