Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well the last 2 days have been an exercise in frustration. I've been trying to get the quilting done on my leaf quilt and the darn machine doesn't want to cooperate. The problem has been when the machine is set up to do free motion stitching. I've been having problems with the thread tension. The finished row of stitching has little bumps on the right side of the quilt and there should be no bumps if the thread tension is right. I have cleaned, re-threaded, changed needles, checked tensions, etc. and it's seems to have a mind of it's own.

When I put the machine back for regular sewing it sews just fine. Very frustrating. So I have made very little progress on my leaf quilt. Hopefully the quilt faeries can come and work some magic and maybe I can get some work done on the quilt this weekend.


Quilt Pixie said...

I've sometimes had that problem when the quilting sandwich isn't thick enough to actually be firmly held under my free motion foot when it needs to be for the stich to form... Try spreading your thumb and fingers into an L shape and place them close around the needle area, so there isn't so much play in the fabric rightaround the needle to pull upwards when forming the stitch -- you can also solve it (if this is the problem) sometimes by hooping your work... also a different sized needle sometimes helps.... I hear your frustration, and wouldn't be surprised you've tried all these things and nothings worked... but if you haven't they might help....

MYRA said...

Hello from Winnipeg!
I see you are a new blogger! Welcome to blogworld...and back to quilting! 8-)
I love your title photo! Simply adorable! 8-)
Lovely quilt-works photos on you blog, your's as well as other's. That turtle quilt is great! Been looking for a pattern with turtles, as the daughter loves them!
I hear your frustrations with free-motion...been there, done that too...with my new Pfaffy machine...but was able to work things out....
Hope your stitchings go better this weekend!