Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leaf Quilt Part III

The Leaf quilt is finished with the exception of tying off the threads on the back, weaving them through the fabric sandwich and trimming. Well this certainly has been an adventure and I now have my first completed quilt. I do love the way it looks overall but I still have some fine tuning of my free motion quilting skills. I know that will come with more practice in terms of getting the stitching lengths more consistent.

But I'm hoping that someone can help me with one issue that came up. Every now and then the top thread would create this loop for lack of a better name. The stitch isn't flush with the fabric and it just looks a bit weird. See picture below. Any suggestions as to why this occurs and how to correct it.

Otherwise I'm pleased with the design for the quilting that was done on the border.

And I'm please with the way the quilt looks like on the whole.

My other challenge is to name my quilt by this Friday since I'm leaving for Long Island NY this Saturday for a week to visit my friend and this quilt is a present for her. I've been thinking of the following possible names: "Window To The Forest", "Forest Tranquility" or "Forest Serenity". I'm still not sure if any of these are the right name so if someone has a suggestion please feel free to share.


Quilt Pixie said...

the quilt turned out absolutely stunning Vicki. I love the quilting you did on the borders.... The loose thread on the top of the quilt may be because the stitch didn't form correctly while being made -- I sometimes get a similar effect when the fabric lifts slightly as the needle pulls upward to leave the fabric -- it is a tension problem but adjusting needle tension wont solve it as the tension is being created sporadically by the fabric changing its pull....

In terms of name what about something like Chlorophyl symphony?

Angelcat said...

It's beautiful Vicki. I know you said that you made this to comfort your friend after a difficult time so how about something like 'Leafy Lullaby' as a title.

em's scrapbag said...

I love the quilt the colors and texture are wonderful.