Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spirit of the Land - part 4

The Spirit of the Land quilt got finished yesterday and here is how it looks.

Today we had the party for Costa's 50th birthday.  He loved his quilt and decided that he wants to hang it up in his bedroom so I actually still have it and will now attach a hanging sleeve.  He didn't want to use it as a lap quilt and have his kitties sitting or laying on it and leaving fur all over it.  Also he said this way he can look at it and appreciate the beauty and the work that went into it. What a nice sentiment.

Speaking of kitties sitting on quilts, here is Jordie giving the quilt his final test and yes I did take the lint roller to it before I packaged it up :-).


Needled Mom said...

Look at that face!!!! It speaks volumnes!!!

Glad that the quilt was such a hit.

The Spirit quilt is STUNNING!!! You did an amazing job on it.

hetty said...

Nice that your quilt was so appreciated! I made a quilt for my MIL once and she did the same; hung it on her wall.
Your quilt inspector looks like he means business! A lint roller is a valuable tool.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Great final picture. Looks like Jordie knew you were going to give it away and wasn't thrilled. Maybe he willed it to stay with you to put the hanging sleeve on as Jordie wasn't quite done with it yet? Nice fabric on the back too.

quiltmom said...

What a grand cat- love his unique face.
Your spirit of the land quilt is gorgeous- love the graduated colors that are shown off by the rich black contrast.
A happy birthday to Costas.