Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spirit of the Land - part 2

I finished the stitch in the ditch on the Spirit of the Land quilt today.  Once I finally got started it didn't take all that long and I have to say that I'm so glad that I invested in a stitch in the ditch foot for my sewing machine.  This is what it looks like and I have to tell you it makes it so much easier to follow the lines between two seams on a quilt.  I now hardly veer over onto the other side and I can go at a decent pace. Prior to using this foot, I used the walking foot but it was harder to stay on course.

Here is a sample of what my stitch in the ditch sewing looks like. You will have to click on the picture to be able to see the details.

Now the other thing I promised everyone was a review of what I think of Connecting Threads cotton thread for quilting.  I finished my first row of quilting on this quilt and I have to say I'm please with the results. There was no skipping of stitches while I was quilting, the tension was spot on, and the end result looks great. Two thumbs up!

So I have 2 weeks to get this quilt finished. Getting that cold / flu bug last week didn't help since it put me out of commission right up until this week Thursday, but I'm feeling much better now.  Nothing like a deadline to keep one focused.  Have a great weekend everyone.

UPDATE Mon March 19th:  I have finished the quilting on the coin quilt and will post pictures shortly but I need to give you some more information on the Connecting Threads cotton thread. As I mentioned above it did sew nicely, no tension issues, no skipped sitches and the quilting does look great.  The spool of thread looked a little bit linty but nothing significant so I didn't think it was going to be an issue.

Today I had to make my binding so I was switching thread, bobbins, and going back to my walking foot.  When I went to change the bobbin I noticed a lot of fuzzy stuff so I thought I better take the plate off and have a look.  I was not happy with what I saw, it looked like a bird had made a nest in there. So if you are planning on using the Connecting Threads cotton thread make sure that you clean your machine more often than you normally would with the more expensive threads.


Needled Mom said...

Nice quilting and I appreciated the review on the threads.

hetty said...

I'll have to look for a foot like that. Your quilting looks great!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh boy looks great!