Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spirit of the Land - part 1

Well it looks like I have another major birthday coming up.  A friend will be turning 50 at the end of March so I need another quilt to commemorate the occasion.  Fortunately I had all the makings for another coin quilt and since it is an easy pattern I now have the top all done as well as the back put together.  Here is how they look.

I plan to quilt a leaf pattern through the coin sections of the quilt top and a selection of tree silhouettes around the border.

You may be wondering how the sea turtle quilt project is coming along.  I have been struggling with the actual design for the reverse applique.  I came up with one design but I wasn't 100% happy with it. Finally I think I have come up with something that I like and I'm just tweaking it and should be able to share with you shortly.  Also I have two different methods to test out for the curved piecing for the top layer of the reverse applique. I will also let you know how the two methods work and which one I go with.

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Sand and Sunshine said...

What a switch from other coin quilts I've seen. I love the way the colors flow out of the blue, very nice.