Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If Money Were No Object

If money were no object what brand of thread would you buy? 

I would buy Superior Thread and Aurifil Thread.  I've used each brand, love the quality, love the colours, but when you are on a budget I don't love the price, especially if you are going to need a fair bit of thread for up and coming projects.  For people who are on tight budgets buying nice thread for your quilting projects can become just as big of an investment as the fabric itself. That is what I found out recently when I went to look for thread and started picking what I was going to need for me Sea Turtle project. Buy the time I went to my shopping cart my total was well over $100 and that didn't even include shipping. So I tried to cut back thinking on what I could do without and still my order was over $70. Unfortunately at this time I couldn't justify the amount since I'm currently unemployed and that was a significant expenditure.

Then the next day I got an e-mail from Connecting Threads ( announcing that they have 33 new colours of thread and the picture showed some very nice colours.  I checked with some blogger friends and a few people have used their threads and have liked them and the prices are very reasonable.  The other nice thing about Connecting Threads is if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund so I figured I had nothing to lose. I ordered their Beach House set which is 10 spools of thread, each spool has 1200 yards for $21.90. I also picked up some individual colours of thread at $2.49 a spool and some fabric so my order came to just over $50.00.  Shipping to Canada is $7.00 if your order is over $50.00 and free in the US which is a great deal. 

This is the Beach House set of colours.

My order arrived today and I just had to test out my new threads to see if they were worth buying.  I have to say yes they are.  I did several things with them today.  I did some piecing and that worked out nicely.  Then I sewed one of my applique designs and it did a great job of that as you can see in the picture below. (click on the picture for a closer look).

Then I wanted to test the thread on the applique finishing stitch and I really like the results of that.

I did buy some brown thread and when I go to do the quilting on the coin quilt I will use their thread and will let you know how I like it for actual quilting.  So far I have to give it a two thumbs up.


Sand and Sunshine said...

I think that beach house thread is my favorite of their new sets, love the new little test guy with that blue.

Needled Mom said...

Those threads will be perfect for your design. Weren't those new threads luscious?