Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lone Star Quilt Along

Well I have been enticed by yet another quilting project.  I have always loved the look of Lone Star quilts but I certainly didn't want to do all that work of cutting and piecing all those little diamond shapes, that's just not me.  Then my friend Elizabeth at Sand and Sunshine
( found instructions to do it the strip pieced method. She has been working on her Lone Star for a couple of months and hers has turned out amazing. Here is the site with the instructions on how to create the Lone Star using the strip pieced method:

So the next thing was do I have the fabrics for this project since right now I'm on a restricted budget when it comes to fabric shopping due to the fact that I am still unemployed.  Time to check out the stash and sure enough I came up with a combination that I really like and I think it will make a stunning Lone Star. Here is my fabric selection.

I won't be starting this project until I have my sea turtle quilt top done since that is my first priority at the moment.  I was hoping to get more work done in it this weekend, but unfortunately I managed to sprain one of my fingers yesterday.  It is quite painful and I now have it in a splint plus I have been applying ice to it every couple of hours.  It makes it rather difficult to do things like use the rotary cutter, iron fabric, or put two pieces of fabric together accurately for sewing.  I'm hoping that having it splinted and the icing will get it healed quicker and I will be able to get back to my sewing early next week.

I also want to say thank you to Quilt Sue ( and Jayne ( who are running the Lone Star Quilt Along support group the first Saturday of every month. So if you are interested in making a Lone Star quilt, even if it is some time in the future, come out and see what everyone is doing.  You will find all kinds of useful information and inspiration.


Jayne said...

Oh Vicki! I think you did a fabulous job of pulling fabrics! The green will really pop, and those blues and purples will be just gorgeous. Well done! You don't have to be unemployed to be on a fabric budget! I am retired, and with the increasing price of fabric, I am very, very selective when buying. My primary rule is to use from the stash; if I buy, I try to only buy when a discount is offered.

Glad to have you along for the QAL! Can't wait to see your next step!

QuiltSue said...

Hi Vicki. It's good to have you with us. I love your fabrics. Will the green be the radiant ring? They're going to make a stunning star I think.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh! I like these even better than I'd remembered. Great selection. It has beautiful written all over it. Sorry about your finger, it sounds just awful. Hopefully your tender care will have it healed before to long.

hetty said...

Sorry to hear about your finger. Hope is gets better soon. I love your fabrics! Can't wait to see your Lone Star! I have always wanted to do one of those, but I have too many projects on the go right now or I would join you.