Sunday, October 3, 2010

Organizing & Fall Colours

Well this weekend didn't see much sewing but the sewing room got a much needed sorting, tidying and organizing.  It really was past due and I realized that when I went to get the fabric for the Cherish Nature quilt project and initially couldn't find it.  It turned out that it was buried under a pile of scraps, other fabric and papers.  So it was time to get the sewing room organized for the coming fall and winter months.  It's done now. 

I have a bag of what I would now call "ugly" fabric that I will be giving to my guild's community quilters group who make quilts for charities, seniors homes and shut ins.  It actually is fabric that no longer is my taste.  There are more muted colours and small florals that I really don't have an interest in working with at this time.  I also now have 2 bags of scraps to go to a quilter friend who can use then in her scrapy projects and if she can't use them, her daughter can put them to good use at her school.  Finally I have some additional fabric that were like duplicates of stuff or bought for projects that no longer are going to be projects that I'm going to pass on to another quilter friend for her to use.  By clearing out all of that, I was able to get all the piles of stuff put away and the sewing room is nice and tidy once again.  I also cleaned my machine, a new needle installed and threaded waiting to start the new project.

The trees are starting to show some nice colour in my neighbourhood but they are not quite at their peak.  Below are a few shots from my balcony of the trees and as you can see there are some lovely shades of red, orange and yellow against the green.  Enjoy.


hetty said...

That's what I should be doing too - cleaning up my sewing room. Can't wait to get those scraps. It's not like I'm running out, but.....

Sand and Sunshine said...

What a lovely view! I would have never guessed your view was so pretty! No leaves changing here, but then again we don't have much of that. Enjoy your clean space!