Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and the colours here in Toronto are really starting to pop.  As you can see by the pictures this week from my balcony the reds and oranges are really vibrant and there is more trees that have turned as compared to last week.  The weather here is gorgeous with blue skies and the temperature is suppose to reach a high of 18C which is 65F for my American friends.

I'm actually heading up north about an hours drive to the Horsehose Valley area just north of Barrie Ont. for the weekend for some nice R & R.  I won't be doing much quilting because I had to get a cortisone shot for a trigger finger in my left hand yesterday so I have to rest it for the next several days, no lifting heavy things and no excessive pressure like using a rotary cutter.

Fergie and Jordie will have fun with their favorite live in cat sitter Lynie.  Yes we spoil our kitties and don't leave them with just a quick visit from the pet sitter.

So I hope for those who are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, you all will have a happy and safe time with family and friends. For those who aren't please still have a happy and safe weekend as well.


Catswhiskers said...

Mother Nature... so resourceful!
Stunning colours.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and for sure Fergie and Jordie will be so spoiled this weekend! Lots of cuddles from Lynie and more cuddles upon on your return.
Enjoy your weekend.

Marj said...

Happy Thanks giving! The fall colors are beautiful.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip.

hetty said...

Sorry to hear about your finger. But it is good to take a break sometimes. Wonderful colours! Have a safe and fun trip and a Happy Thanksgiving! Spoiled cats are my specialty. Glad to hear you spoil yours too!

Quilt Pixie said...

hope your finger recovers quickly and the fall colours inspire yet another master piece in the months come :-)