Sunday, August 15, 2010

EQ7 & Cherish Nature

This past week was very busy at work including working late so I didn't get much much quilting done. I did manage to figure out the modifications for the Cherish Nature quilt and here is what it will looks like.

The inner section of half square triangle squares have now become half square triangle rectangles. The top and bottom ones had to be reduced in height while the side ones had to be reduced in width to accommodate the increase in size of the inner border that you see represented by the egg fabric. In reality the egg fabric requires 2 1/4" to ensure that the eggs don't get cropped. The original border was only 1" wide so by increasing it by 1 1/4" I had to reduce the inner half square triangle blocks since there were only a few of them. Otherwise the outer set would be completely off and much harder to fix. Also on the inner set there are various appliqués that will be added on top so I felt it really doesn't matter if these blocks were square or rectangle in shape.

My sewing machine came back from being serviced and it sews like a dream. This weekend I got all the stitch in the ditching done on the orange quilt so I can now move on to the actual quilting. I'm looking forward to starting that and hopefully work won't be crazy busy this week.


Elizabeth said...

I like that wider egg border, it looks really nice.

hetty said...

That looks great! Glad you got your machine back in perfect working order. Hope you're not as busy at work so that you can get some quilting done.