Monday, August 2, 2010

Batik Gems - Part 6

Yesterday I did get the back sewn up but I didn't get the quilt sandwich made up.  Instead I have been testing out some quilting ideas that I have for this quilt.  On my drives into work I have been seeing some lovely gardens with orange day lilies, orange and yellow coneflowers as well as some gorgeous gladiolus. So I thought it would be nice to quilt a garden theme on this quilt.  So here are my experiments with quilting flowers.  First here is the cone flower.  I also tried one with a more filled in centre but it was too much so I'm thinking I need to create one with maybe half as many zigzag lines in the centre and see how that looks.

Here is what one of the coneflowers looks like from the back on a beige fabric.

Next is the day lily and I really like how it turned out.  There is also a picture from the back showing it on the beige fabric.

My last idea was to either have the gladiolus along the sides of the centre portion of the quilt or perhaps just have these flowers run along the border section.  This picture is just from the back since the one I took from the front didn't turn out all that great.

Well it looks like my machine has to go in for a service. It started to act up and every so often it decides it wants to sew all on its own.  I have cleaned it, checked various things and it is still acting up so best to take it in before it really has a meltdown. 


LongIslandSue said...

Loved the cone flower. Day lily was nice too, but didn't like it as much. Nix on the gladiolis. This quilt is going to be beautiful; the orange is stunning. I hope you can get your machine fixed quickly. Mechanical problems are no fun. OTOH, it gives you an excuse to get caught up on all the other non-quilty stuff you've been avoiding!!!

Marj said...

I like your idea of quilting flowers on the Batik quilt.As soon as you get your machine back in working order, I'm sure you will have the plan together in your mind.

Elizabeth said...

The cornflower is beautiful! The daylillies had me wondering about your thread color choice. Are you sticking with the orange or going with a contrasting color like the teal?

hetty said...

I love the quilted flowers idea! They all look fantastio. My machine needs to go in for a service visit also. I've been putting it off for over a year already.

Quilt Pixie said...

you do phenomenal drawings with that thread! way to go. It sure reminds you of summer :-)