Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stacked Coin Quilt - Part 3

Here's the new layout. I removed 4 colours that just didn't seem to work no matter where I placed them and some of the other colours were moved around. This version works better than the first one but both will make nice quilts. The funny thing is now that I see this version I can think of yet anther version that might work even better. I suspect one can stare at these colours and come up with all kinds of versions and drive oneself nuts in the process. I think I should quit while I'm ahead.

I went to several fabric shops yesterday to see if I could find a better sashing fabric for these quilts. My original vision for this was a rich dark chocolate brown which I didn't have in my stash. None of the quilt shops had anything remotely close to what I was looking for. While I was in the shops I did try some other colours such as dark green, dark blue and black. The dark green was OK but I really didn't like the pattern on the dark green. It had these swirls on it and I found it a bit distracting. The blue just didn't work and black was too harsh.

I have a set of sample squares for the Kaufman fusion fabric and in that series I found this wonderful rich brown called espresso (see sample below) and when I took it and placed it along side the various colours of the coins it looked really good. I've decided to order this fabric because unfortunately it seems no one here in the city carries it, and yet it is such a versatile fabric. In fact I'm noticing that many of the quilt shops seem to be caring less of the so called blender fabrics or have switched to batiks as the all around blender. Now I love batiks but sometimes I want something different and I just can't find it at the shops. So I'm hoping that when I get the fabric it will still have the same effect in full mode as it did with a sample square.


Quilt Pixie said...

your strata looks great... a wonderfully gentle transition :-)

Hope the fabric order shows up promptly and a larger peice works as well as the small one promises

hetty said...

I am watching your progress with interest! This colour version looks great. I love that brown. I hope it will still look as good in 'person'. I love all of the new batiks that are available now, but sometimes it is nice to be able to get a nice 'older' colour.

Elizabeth said...

I too hope the new fabric will arrive as exactly what you're looking for. Most of the time I do pretty go picking on line, but once in a while. Eeegads. :D