Sunday, January 20, 2013

I've been working on the Lotus applique design and it has taken some time to get things right in terms of size and proportion. I think things would go faster if I was a trained artist but I'm not. So here is what I have so far.

I will now start working on making my applique patterns, first working on the leaves, then the seed pod, then the Lotus buds and finally the actual flowers. This may not be the final arrangement since one I have the actual applique pieces done in the different fabrics I may decide to move a few things around or perhaps realize I may need to add something else or even take something out.

Then what I plan on doing for the diamond background area is quilting in a continuation of the Lotus pond with leaves, buds, seed pods and a flower or two. Here are some pictures of what Lotus ponds look like.

For the border quilting I'm thinking of coming up with a stylized Lotus flower design, hopefully it will work. 

So time to start working on creating the actual applique patterns.


Needled Mom said...

Just catching up after being gone for a few weeks.....

Love the background for the lotus and I can't wait to follow its progress.

Your bird of prey must have been quite a shock to see perched there.

hetty said...

Wow! Lookin' good! Those lotus leaves already look like the background you have pieced. You certainly have a creative streak.