Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alpaca Wall Hanging - Part 2

I didn't get my alpaca wall hanging done last week.  Partly it was due to the fact that I had issues with the thread painting and the other thing was I came down with a flu bug last week so that kind of did me in for doing much of anything last week.

The issues with the thread painting seem to be partly related to my embroidery hoop in that I couldn't get the fabric tight enough in the hoop. I did some more research and several sources said that the fabric inside the hoop should be tight as a drum.  Well I just couldn't get my hoop tightened enough so that it was like a drum. After the first set of trees there was distortion to the quilt including pulling of the borders which hadn't even been quilted. Ironing did not get the distortion out. So I decided it was time to do more testing.  But no matter what I did, including different stabilizers, I was still getting distortion. The other factor that likely was contributing to this issue was the fabric itself. The fabric was from Spoonflower and I had decided to go with their new Kona cotton which actually is a heavier weighted cotton than what I have used in the past.  Here is a picture of the distortion.

If I had continued with thread painting the alpacas the distortion would really become unmanageable so it was time for a new game plan.  I did some new testing and will just go with doing some outline quilting of the trees and alpaca. This is what the trees would look like.

Given the issues, the outline approach will have to do.  For the borders I have plans to quilt a Celtic knot design that will be couched with alpaca yarn afterwards. So fortunately I got several panels printed of the photo at Spoonflower so I will be putting together a new quilt sandwich and starting all over again. Hopefully by next week I will have something to show you.


hetty said...

Sorry to hear that you are having so many thread painting issues. Having never done this technique, I have no answers for you. Hope you are feeling better.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Your thread painted trees look really amazing, sorry they didn't work out though. I like the center there with the outline, it's like the trees are being hinted at. Nice switch.

As for that sick bug tell it your are a mean and nasty host and will not be making beds, or putting out tissues so it had better go find someone else to bother.

Needled Mom said...

How did I miss part 1? I love the photoshop design. What a bummer that you are having problems with the thread painting. I hope you can manage to get the fabric tight enough in the frame. I did see somewhere that someone put a sticky foam on their hoop to make things tighter. I know it will be gorgeous when you are done.

Sorry about the flu bug too. Yuck! Feel better soon.

Frog Quilter said...

Just found your blog. Your art is go gorgeous.