Friday, January 13, 2012

First Snow of Winter

We finally got our first so called "snow storm" of winter and in reality it's not much of a storm here in Toronto.  We have had an incredibly mild winter so far and most of the precipitation has been in the form of rain including a major soaking yesterday.  The latest system was actually 2 systems that crossed paths over the great lakes and were suppose to bring our first real taste of winter.  There was a Texas Low coming up from the south full of moisture followed by an Arctic Low bringing the cold temperatures needed to make snow.  Yesterday with the bulk of the precipitation the Arctic Low hadn't quite made its way to our area and now that it is here most of the moisture is to the east of us where they are expecting significant snow falls.  We will likely see an inch of snow when it's all done but this morning things got pretty messy when the wet roads from all the rain froze.

Here are a couple of pictures from my balcony of the first snow of the winter, it really doesn't look all that spcetacular because it's not the big fluffy kind that sticks to trees and creates those beautiful post card images.  These are the very fine flakes that don't really stick to much.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe today.  Have a great weekend and hope you find some time for your quilting projects.


Needled Mom said...

It still looks pretty. Seems as though it has been mild everywhere - except Alaska!

hetty said...

Hurray for snow! I love the first snowfall! I see my neighbours shoveling their driveways. My hubby will be so thrilled. He loves shoveling. I'm not kidding. He really does. By the way, you'd make a wonderful meteorologist!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Snow, DD was very happy to see your pictures. :-)

Angela said...

We've had a really mild winter here so far too, though they are saying that temperatures are likely to take a dive next month. No snow for us so far though :)