Monday, December 12, 2011

Helping Out A Friend - Kimono Wall Hangings part 2

Well it's been awhile since I have posted. It's been that time of year getting things ready for the holidays along with the usual colds that happen and slow things down at times.  The only quilting that I have done was to finish the remaining 2 kimono wall hangings for my friend.  Here are pictures of the last 2.

We had our Christmas dinner and get together with friends yesterday and had a lovely time.  The friend who I was helping out on these kimono wall hangings was finally able to give her gifts to our friends and they loved them.  I did get credit for the quilting and they loved the details that I included like the koi fish and the Japanese maples.

So what else have I been doing, Christmas baking.  So what did I make I make this year? A cherry streusel bar.

Ginger spice cookies and chocolate orange macaroons.

Maple pecan squares.

Nanaimo bars.

So what is your favorite Christmas treat?


Sand and Sunshine said...

Nice job finishing those up for your friend. Your baking treats have my mouth watering this morning.

hetty said...

You did a fantastic job with those kimonos. They look great! And your baked treats look mouth watering. You actually make your own Nanaimo bars? Wow! How cool is that?