Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Mustang - Part 12 Final Touches

I ended up doing one more thing to the Wild Mustang quilt.  Several weeks ago I came across a web site called Sedona Flame where they sell both jewellery and beads in the southwest style. The beads looked great and I thought they would add another dimension to the Wild Mustang quilt.  The perfect place for them was in the small brown inner border and I wanted to stick with stones in the brown tones. I initially looked at the horses but there wasn't enough quantity in the various brown toned stones.  I checked the Zuni bears and there I was able to get the quantity that I needed and the price was actually better than what it would have cost me for the horses.  I ended up getting 10 each of the tiger eye, oyster opal agate, picture jasper and leopardskin jasper beads. I was hoping to get the silverleaf but it wasn't available. 

The stones arrived last week and they were perfect in terms of colour, size and shape. I just finished sewing the last of the beads onto the quilt today and it is ready to be delivered tomorrow to the guild to get ready for the show which starts on Friday.  Here's the overall picture of the quilt with the beads on it.  Basically the beads just circle around the quilt going from left to right, following the same direction as the quilted horses heads in the border.

Here is a close up of the beads.

So for those of you who live in the Toronto area or are visiting this weekend don't forget to come out and see the show.  For details you can check the show's web site at:


Needled Mom said...

Oh yes....those do look fabulous with it. It really is such an incredible piece.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Those beads add a nice bit of shine to the quilt that really draws you in and makes me want to reach out and touch it. Your show will need white gloves in bulk for this one! Wonderful job.

hetty said...

That quilt just keeps getting better and better! Love those beads.