Monday, October 31, 2011

Helping Out A Friend - Kimono Wall Hangings

A friend of mine was making these Kimono Wall Hangings a few years ago and only got them finished to a certain point.  They were pieced, the sandwiches made and stitch in the ditching was done.  She developed arthritis in her thumbs and now has a hard time hanging onto the quilts to be able to guide them to do free motion quilting or to follow any kind of quilting pattern.  So I volunteered to help her get the quilting done. 

There are 4 wall hangings in total, 2 of each style.  Here is the first one that is completed.

In the border I went with a stylized chrysanthemum pattern.  This pattern I'm using in all four wall hangings.

Then in the sleeves of this style of wall hanging I quilted koi fish.

I also did koi fish in the cream coloured areas of the wall hanging.

Here is the second one that is completed.

On the sleeves and at the bottom of the kimono there are small fabric origami kimonos that were hand appliqued to the wall hanging.  My friend picked them up at one of the yearend sales that were held at our quilt guild.

Then in the cream coloured areas of this style of wall hanging I quilted Japanese maple leaves.

So I now have 2 left to do, one each of the above styles. This has been a fun project, it gave me some more practice on my quilting skills and fortunately they were a manageable size.


Needled Mom said...

Those are gorgeous and I know that she is going to love the help to get them finished.

I love the koi you did.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Now you say chrysanthemum quilting but you know what it reminds me of? The Lotus flower. The blue border is a great compliment and those origami kimonos must be so tiny. Your friend's applique work on those is perfect.

Your quilting compliments these pieces in the beautiful way only you can adding lovely facets to already delightful pieces. It was good of you to offer to complete these for your friend.

hetty said...

Beautiful wall hangings. Your friend is lucky to have you for a helper. I especially love those koi!