Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Needle Turn Applique Class with Nancy Chong

Yesterday was the needle turn applique class with Nancy Chong from Pacific Rim Quilts. http://www.prqc.com/index.htm 

The class was an instructional one on the techniques for doing needle turn applique.  This is the technique that is typically done on Hawaiian quilts as well as Baltimore applique quilts of which Nancy does both.  She is a wonderful teacher, very patient and I learned a lot in her class.  If anyone is interested in either Hawaiian quilting or hand applique I highly recommend that if Nancy Chong is in your area that you take a class from her.  Below is my practice piece from class.  It was a full day class but still we didn't get all of our shapes completed in terms of sewing them, but we did learn the 5 basic shapes, straight line, outer curve, inner curve, point (mountain) and reverse point (valley).

If Nancy isn't in your area any time soon, she also has 2 videos out, one on Hawaiian Quilting and the other on 2 Fabric Applique quilts and in both of these videos she covers her methods for doing needle turn applique.  I did buy both videos so that I would have something to review when I got home form vacation.  I will have a look at them later on and will do a post to let you know what I think of them.


hetty said...

Your class sounds great! I love applique and have done a couple of Hawaiian blocks. I find it so relaxing.

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear your class went well.