Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Quilt Animal Party - Part 2

I finished the quilting on the Animal Party quilt today. It was a simple grid quilting that I did on this quilt. I started out with a 6" grid in aqua coloured thread using a saddle stitch. This stitch is a more defined stitch than a normal straight stitch in that the needle goes back and forth while creating it. Then I created a second grid in a mango coloured thread that was 1 1/4" to the right of the aqua grid lines. Finally a third gird in grass green thread that was 1 3/4" to the left of the aqua grid lines.

One thing that I learned about the saddle stitch, at least with my machine, is that you can't go fast while doing it, or it tries to revert back to an almost normal straight stitch. I think what it is, is when the speed of the machine is too fast, it doesn't have enough time to go back and forth properly. I had to go back and redo a couple of the aqua rows of stitching because they were not well defined.

Here is a close up of one of the blocks and you can see what the grid looks like. The other nice thing about doing this grid pattern is that I locked the stitching at the beginning and end so I don't have to sit there and tie off and feed all the ends through the inside of the quilt. All the ends are at the edge of the quilt which will be covered over with binding so that should protect the small ends that are left. This makes for a fairly quick way of getting a quilt quilted. The interest is added by using multiple colours of thread and a thicker stitch.

Here is what the back of the quilt looks like like. This fabric is so cute.

I would definitely use this method of quilting for any charity quilts I have to do or if I need to get something out on a tight dead line. So I just have to make up the binding and get that sewn on and the quilt is finished.

That will have to wait about a week or so since I have to get the last bit of quilting done on the Art & Cold Cash quilt because the gal who is going to be doing the beading on it will be ready to take it in a couple of weeks.


Elizabeth said...

I love it. The backing fabric is really cute.

The Art and Cold Cash Link isn't working?

hetty said...

That turned out great! Interesting quilting. I like the three colours of thread. And the backing is very cute.

Quilt Pixie said...

what a great quilting plan -- effective while being fast and easy :-) I'll have to add that to the "idea" pile...

Angelcat said...

It looks great! I love your idea of using the different coloured threads in the quilting, very effective