Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creative Festival - Maggie Vanderweit Workshop

Today I was at the Creative Festival for a workshop with Maggie Vanderweit called Painting with Threads. Below is my one and only piece that I was able to make in a 6 hour workshop. I really like the way it turned out. This particular piece is using a dissolvable stabilizer. I used Solvy, placing a layer of decorative yarns, ribbon, organza, etc. between sheets of the stabilizer and then hooping it and then free motion stitching it. I used a Sulky holographic thread in copper on the outer edge followed by various rayon threads and then finished it with the copper thread in the middle. Once you are done stitching the piece, you wash out the stabilizer and this is the finished result. I'm not sure what the next step will be for this piece, but I really like the end result.

Now you may wonder, did this really take me 6 hours to make. No, this piece took just over 2 hours to do. So what happened with the rest of the time. Maggie did a bit of talking and some demos throughout the 6 hours but unfortunately over half the class was having technically issues with the sewing machines that were provided by Pfaff including me. I wasted over 2 hours trying to sort through some nasty tension issues and this was with a brand new computerized machine. And if the machine wasn't having tension problems then it was breaking needles and thread at an alarming rate. There was a lot of frustration in the room, and several folks left a couple of hours before the end of the class.

This was my first time ever taking a class at the Creative Festival, and one of the selling features was not having to lug your sewing machine along with all your other supplies. Well this proved to be anything but a plus. I still have the Kaffe Fassett Workshop on Saturday but I have a funny feeling that this will be the first and last time that I will be taking anything at the Creative Festival. I will give you my final take on the festival after Saturday's workshop.


Quilt Pixie said...

sorry to hear your machine frustrations -- I know I tried using a machine at one workshop once, and swore never again (it was a beautiful machine, just not mine...). Hope the Fassett goes better :-)

hetty said...

Did they give you a machine to work on? I hate using some one else's machine, because I am so used to mine. It's an interesting little piece. What is it going to be when it grows up? I did not get down to the show this fall. There was no one to take me and I didn't feel comfortable going down on my scooter and taking the TTC. Guess I'll just go to my LQS and spend some time (and money) there.

Elizabeth said...

Interesting little tidbit you have there. I just might have to play with some of my washout stabilizer and see what comes out.

Sorry about the troubles with the new machines. That's a real annoyance.