Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Quilts - Part 3

I was playing with the layout the blocks for the Christmas lap quilt on Tuesday and thought I had it. So I took a picture of if yesterday evening so I could make a post here and when I looked at the picture I realized that I didn't have the red and cream coloured 4 patch blocks right. Can you see what's wrong with the placement of them in this picture? (click on it for a larger version)

Did you figure it out. Well all the red blocks with gold metallic are on the left hand side of the 4 patch placement and all the non metallic red blocks are on the right hand side of the 4 patch block placement. They should have been placed so that they were alternating as in the picture below.

I've had this happen to me a couple of times when I've looked at the design wall and thought everything was good only to take a picture, look at it and see that something wasn't quite right with the placement of my blocks. I'm really glad that I take pictures of all my quilts in various stages of completeness and study them to see how things look before I start sewing. Last thing I want to be doing is sitting down to an evening with the seam ripper.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't see it until you said what it was, but I agree the staggered blocks look really nice.

hetty said...

Now that you mention it, I do like the staggered block better! That is going to be a really lovely quilt!

Bev C said...

It is amazing how if you do just a little change it all looks that much brighter. It will be lovely when its finished. Happy sewing.

Karen said...

It's funny how we can see details in a photo that escape the naked eye. The same thing has happened to me a couple of times too.

Gorgeous quilt top! Looking forward to seeing it finished.