Tuesday, September 23, 2008

York Heritage Quilters Guild Meeting

Today I attended my first meeting of the York Heritage Quilters Guild http://www.yhqg.org/

The guest speaker was Sherri Hisey http://www.bordercreekstation.com/ and her work I would classify as more traditional in style, especially when it comes to her colour choices. She had some interesting designs that I would love to have seen in non traditional fabrics.

The guild also had a "Show and Tell" at the end and there were some interesting pieces. I managed to get a few pictures but unfortunately when they hang them up for display they don't include a tag with the name of the quilt or the quilt maker, just a number. I didn't have pen and paper to take down the info when they made the presentation, so thanks to the ladies for sharing and I wish I could give you a personal credit for your work.

Paper piecing

baby quilt

spiral design

table runner sampler

table runner sampler in blue


Take a closer look at this quilt, it has embellishments of ribbon and glass lamp work beads.

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