Friday, September 23, 2011

Wild Mustang - Part 8

I've been working on the quilting of the horse section and that is now complete.  First I just quilted around the various sections of the reverse applique so on the front those quilting lines actually blend in with the applique stitches but when you actually look at the quilt those areas start to take on that puffy look of quilting.  Then I did 3 rows of echo quilting around the image of the horse and that is now completed.  Here is what it looks like at this stage.

One thing I have to say is that I have really enjoyed working with the hand basted quilt sandwich.  Using Sharon Schamber's technique of the herringbone basting stitch has kept all the layers together and nothing has been shifting which is really a nice treat.

So now that this portion of the quilting is done I now know how much background space I have left and will be planning out the background quilting this weekend. Also I want to share this picture of Fergie who decided to take a nap on the quilt while I stepped away for a break.


hetty said...

With Fergie's approval you can't go wrong! It's looking wonderful! Can't wait to see how you will quilt the rest.

Sand and Sunshine said...

To sweet, he matches the quilt. Sort of his way of saying it's his and he's as wild as they come, lol, right.

Your echo quilting looks amazing and was a really great call on your part.

Sand and Sunshine said...

So sorry I called Fergie a boy! I must have had Sunny my red boy on the brain and typed without thinking. She looks remarkable there.