Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wild Mustang - Part 4

I finally have finished all the buttonhole stitching on the reverse applique portion of the Wild Mustang. Now some people may also call this stitch the blanket stitch, it all depends on where you are from or who was your teacher.  The one that I was actually doing is a double one and on the Janome machine it is actually called a Parisian stitch.

Even with doing the initial stitching of the pattern twice I was still plagued by fabric fraying so it took longer to complete.  The next time I do this type of quilt and I do have another one planned with a sea turtle as my image, I will first use Misty Fuse on the back of my background fabric to stabilize it and that should prevent most of the fraying.  I'm glad that this is only a wall hanging so it won't get a lot of wear or tear otherwise I really would have had to start all over again to make it more durable.  So here is what it looks like at this point.

Next will come the borders.  I'm looking at adding a small dark brown Stonehenge border about 1" in width.  Then there will be about a 4" pieced border in about 3 or 4 different shades of medium to darker orange Stonehenge fabrics, and they will be pieced in a similar fashion to the background part.


LongIslandSue said...

This is absolutely stunning. The colors are incredible. I'd love to see this in person. Great job!

hetty said...

Wow! Lookin' good, Vicki!

(hey)Jude said...

This is so beautiful! I can see it hanging on a wall in a fabulous contenporary home. You must have a large amount of patience to do such precise work. I am envious! thank you for sharing the process with us.
Jude Ongley-Mowris