Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elaine Quehl Workshop In Full Bloom - Part 4

I finally made some progress on the poppy wall hanging this weekend.  I got all the applique fabric pieces off the design wall, labelled on the back, then ironed onto the muslin and the poppy cut out.  It was very important when I took off each piece that I labelled it on the back so it was easy to know where it went back on and also I sorted them by each petal from A to K so I knew what order they had to go in.  I think the numbering and making sure everything was in the right pile took longer then when I actually sat down to iron everything in place.  That bit of organization was well worth the effort.  Here is a picture of the poppy with all the pieces ironed on.

Now this looks a bit different from the previous picture because I did make some changes to selected pieces where either the contrast in fabric was too much or too little between adjoining pieces.  So once this was completed the next step is to cut out the poppy from the muslin and this is what that looks like on my design wall.

So I'm now ready to addition background and border fabrics for this wall hanging.

I also have to tell you another funny story.  While the poppy was up on the design wall before the pieces were ironed on the centre of the flower (the little green pieces from the seed pod) kept dropping off the wall.  I get tired of hunting for those little pieces so I thought I will fix you, and iron you onto the brown seed pod piece ahead of time.  So I got things set up on my towel that I was using when I was originally pressing the steam a seem onto the fabric to get all my pieces, and as I put the iron to the seed pod I realized that was a really dumb move.  Why you may ask, well the brown seed pod also has the steam a seam on the back of it, so I just ended up ironing on my seed pod to the towel I was using.  Fortunately it was only a cheap dollar store towel, I had lots of fabric left to make another one and I had a good laugh.  Here's my decorated towel.


Sand and Sunshine said...

To funny about the towel. Looks great. Can't wait to see what you audition to go with it.

Needled Mom said...

What a pretty towel!!!! As they say, live and learn. It does look stunning.

quiltncat said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

hetty said...

Love your towel! LOL That's something I would do. Can't wait to see what you are up to.