Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elaine Quehl Workshop In Full Bloom - Part 2

Here is my progress on the In Full Bloom Poppy Wall Hanging.

What I ended up doing first on the big paper pattern was writing down in general terms which colour each petal was as a reference.  So whether it was a light red, medium red or dark red, and the same with the orange and yellow sections, these references were marked.  Next I went and made drew up all the pattern pieces on the steam a seam light, petal by petal.  On each pattern piece I also wrote down the colour reference.  Then when I actually worked on selecting the fabrics, I worked on one petal section at a time, pulling fabrics based on the colour references, and building the poppy a section at a time. 

I found working this way was better for the way my mind thinks, than to draw out a pattern piece on the steam a seam, then go and pick a fabric for it, then cut that fabric out and build the petal linearly.  Once the whole flower is finished I will review all the colours and there may be a few changes depending on how they all play together.

For those who read my previous post in the first 2 days of my posting it, you would have missed the links to Elaine's web site and blog so I'm reposting them here if you wish to go and have a look at her work. &



Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow great progress! Looks amazing.

LongIslandSue said...

This is beautiful. It looks like a huge project ... although all quilts are a labor of love. I can't wait to see it finished.