Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st

So here in Toronto we are awaiting our first major snowstorm of the winter and it promises to be a big one.  This is the monster storm that has been tracking across the mid west states causing havock and is expected to hit some 30 US states and from Ontario through Quebec and the Atlantic provinces here in Canada. This is one mighty big storm.  It's suppose to start here sometime tonight and into most of tomorrow morning.  Fortunately I will be working from home tomorrow and won't have to brave the nasty elements.

On a brighter note Hetty from Crafts and Stuff ( http://hettyscreations.blogspot.com/ ) has given me the "Liebster Blog" Award. Thank you Hetty for the lovely acknowledgment.

I'm not sure of it's origins but "Liebe" means "Love" in German so I guess this is the Quilt Lovers or Blog Lovers Award.  One really nice thing about this award is that it is simply an award with no strings attached and it is meant to honour your fellow quilters &/or bloggers.  I can play it forward and nominate 3 - 5 more bloggers for this award, but they must have fewer than 300 followers.

So I'm going to nominate Elizabeth from Sand and Sunshine ( http://sandandsunshine.blogspot.com/ ) for her informative posts and sunny disposition.  She also has two kitty cats named Tiny and Sunny.

My second nomination is Marj from Eclectic Quilter ( http://eclecticquilter.blogspot.com/ ).  Marj is one very busy quilter and as her blog title states her style is very eclectic.  I love seeing what her next project is going to be. Marj also has a cat and his name is Chipper.

My third nomination is Mary from Needled Mom ( http://needledmom.blogspot.com/ ). Mary is another busy quilter as well as a busy grandmother, with the arrival of a new grandson this past weekend.  I enjoy seeing Mary's work and her wonderful use of colour.

I also think I will leave the other 2 nominations up to you the reader as Hetty did. So if you want the award please feel free to take it as long as you have less than 300 followers and then you can nominate 3 - 5 more bloggers.

Finally a quilt update on the Secret Garden quilt, I'm still working on the stitch in the ditch sewing.  I should have that completed before the weekend arrives and then I can start the actual quilting.


Needled Mom said...

Thank you so much for the award. Since I am 85% German, I guess I should know the meaning of it too.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Thank you that's really sweet. I like the background on the name. :-)