Monday, March 8, 2010

Cats and Dogs - Part 8

Our small quilt group "Quilter's Pet" met this evening and we revealed our quilt tops (some actually had finished quilts) to each other. When we started this project everyone had filled out a one page survey about our pets as well as our likes and dislikes when it came to quilts and fabrics. I had picked Kathi's name last spring. She had a Bichon name Gilligan who unfortunately had passed away. I wanted to make a special quilt in honor of Gilligan but at first I wasn't certain what I was going to do.

Over the summer while I was working on the cats and dogs blocks for our trade in September I came across Silver Lining Originals, a paper piecing site that sold all kinds of animal and nature patterns: I found the most adorable Bichon pattern and thought that this would be perfect but was concerned about the difficultly of the pattern. I finally bit the bullet at the beginning of this year and bought it. I figured that if I'm going to move forward in building my skills then what better way then to dive right in and do it. So here is the my quilt top that I made for Kathi. Unfortunately she wasn't able to make our meeting this evening due to a family illness so I have sent her an e-mail with the details for her to enjoy. The other gals loved it.

There are 3 Bichons on the quilt top. The one in the upper left hand corner is a classic white coloured one. The middle one is a beige one which is in honor of Gilligan who was beige and the third one is a mocha coloured one simply because I wanted 3 different coloured dogs and I like this colour combination.

Below is the pieced back. I had some interesting doggy portrait fabric but there was only 1/2 yard so I needed to figure out a way to stretch it. I also had some fun dog bone print and paw print fabrics so this is the result.

So now I have a month to get this quilted and bound.

I will post pictures of the other quilts that the gals made hopefully tomorrow or the next day so that you can see what everyone else did with their cat and dog blocks. Jennifer picked my name and she did a wonderful job on my quilt, it's so cute, it even has a Fergie and Jordie on it.


heather said...

It is wonderful. I'm sure she'll love it. The bichons look great. That site has some wonderful patterns.

hetty said...

That looks fantastic! I love the Bichons you added! And the back is a quilt in itself! Your friend will love it.

Angelcat said...

It's wonderful. The bichon blocks look great, a vey intricate pattern, i wouldn't have the confidence to tackle something like that!

Elizabeth said...

The mocha guy is my favorite!