Monday, September 7, 2009

Art and Cold Cash - Part 3

It has taken some time but the quilting and machine embellishment on the Art and Cold Cash quilt is now finished. I just finished up the couching of some embellishment yarns today. Now what remains is the beading, hand embroidery and then the quilting of the final images in parts of the border.

Echo quilting was done in the large open background spaces as well as in the small red space in the upper left hand side of the quilt.

There is a profile of a boy on the left hand side and the image was emphasized with a teal chenille yarn that was couched along the edges of the outline of the profile.

A thicker teal nubby yarn was couched around the fish bone to give it dimension and below you can see it's detail as well as some of the echo quilting.

All of the English hand writing and Inuktitut syllabics were outline quilted in a combination of teal and scarlet thread. Since teal and scarlet variegated thread is hard to come by what I did was use a double thread (one spool of teal and one of scarlet) in the top of the machine and teal in the bobbin. I used a top stitching needle since it has a larger eye than a quilting needle for the two threads to freely feed through and had no problems with tension or pull. It worked out to have a nice effect and I may use this in the future when I can't find a variegated thread in a colour combination that I want. Below if you click on the picture you should be able to see the detail of the two colours of thread used in the quilting.

The hand embroidery will be of the four o'clock flowers that are in areas of the quilt that aren't already quilted with words. The flower seeds will be beaded with seed beads. These will be the next steps.

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Elizabeth said...

Everytime I see parts of this quilt I'm just stunned beyond yours. My goodness how long have you been quilting? The details are just wonderful and I'll be remembering the dual thread for future use.